I am far too frenzied to blog.
I am a busy little bee.
Between the Low-Car Diet, my social life — such that it is — and that pesky full-time job, my writing ideas are too jumbled to make sense of.
Blogger’s keeping drafts for me of pieces I’ve started but haven’t had the heart to churn out to a finish. Which isn’t such a bad thing, I guess, not having the heart: It’s so full lately. I can hardly imagine trying to pump anything more than blood and affection out of this heart. The shining Camry and its knightly driver fetched me from work yesterday, and I nearly burst upon pickup, after three days apart.

I woke up this morning, too sore to move after an epic personal training session for this godforsaken diet, and am working from home this morning before my half-day off begins. Maybe my inertia will get the creative juices flowing again. I can only hope.

August, I’ve decided arbitrarily, is the month where I reclaim my life. But I’m not sure that means more writing. So it begins — August and this month of reclamation — with a five-hour road trip to a restful weekend in the distant North. Here’s hoping I can walk by then. How. Ever.
When I get back from this little weekend away with my beau, I return to a memoir-writing workshop at StoryStudio Chicago, which I hope will kick start me into novel mode. Because I’ve been thinking it for a long time; now I just have to do it.
Like so many things.

More later. Maybe.



5 Responses to “Bumble.”

  1. Jameson Huckaba Says:

    I'm always too busy to blog, but I do it anyway. Sort of like exercise – while I hate to start on it/actually do it, I feel much better afterwards, and subsequently, wonderfully productive.Anxious to hear more about the low-car diet!

  2. paige worthy Says:

    The thing is, I'm not too BUSY to blog… I just can't get my thoughts together. Writing, the kind I want to do, can't be rushed or forced, because I refuse to publish something that feels contrived to me. So. I let it sit there in my head — or a little notebook — until something concrete bubbles up.And don't even get me started on exercise 😉

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps you are getting to a place past blogging? Not that you will stop, but new literary muscles are aching to be excersied, hence the memoir-writing workshop? You can put blogging on mainitenance mode, much like a well developed muscle doesn't need much work to STAY well developed.

  4. paige worthy Says:

    Yes, but?Blogging, to me, is basically mini memoirs. If I wanted just to puke out my day's events…that would be most blogs, I guess. This is all literary warmup 😉

  5. Zachary Ingran Says:


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