Be our guest?

Behold, the power of Twitter: I checked in ohhhhh so briefly with my 140-character friends last week and saw that @calebgardner, who I once stalked at a coffee shop by my apartment because he’d tweeted his whereabouts — and had his baby with him — was soliciting female bloggers to write a guest post on a blog he maintains. Well, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet an awesome baby when I stalked him, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write something for a whole new pack of people.

The topic?
“What makes a man exceptional?”

Oh, sure. I could probably write 4,573,852 words on that.
You want it in a few days? No problem.

So, you know.
I did.

It’s up on the site now, looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Kudos to Caleb on a great blog, and thanks for the opportunity! Go read it!

And if you’re coming here from The Exceptional Man… Don’t be afraid to come back. I write about you alllllll the time.



4 Responses to “Be our guest?”

  1. jigsawinplace Says:

    YES. SO GOOD. I lol'd at the jean shorts.

  2. walking-by Says:

    christ you're good.

  3. Caleb Says:

    Thank you for contributing. It makes a world of difference to hear from a female, as opposed to just me. My opinion only goes so far. 🙂

  4. Mr. Apron Says:

    An excellent post. It's inspired me to get Invisalign.

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