NaNoWriMo: the end of Day 3. (And a new friend.)

Word count: 5,455.

No progress toward Day 4’s word count; my morning commute was wasted — TRAGEDY! — on social interaction.
I made a new friend yesterday. His name is Byron Lee — no relation to the Jamaican musician — and when I first saw him waiting at Jefferson Park, the only thing I noticed was his white cane.
Because I’m human. Y’know.
Then he turned and looked right at me and said, “Excuse me. I noticed you’re reading the RedEye with a story about Twitter on the cover.”
Uh, sir. You are blind. How are you seeing this.
Well, it turns out he’s not completely blind. His right eye is completely useless, and he’s legally blind (20/200) in his left eye. But he makes do with what he has, and he could see me just fine.
He asked to take my picture with the RedEye cover (“They Met on Twitter“) then told me he’d be sure to tag my Twitter handle when he posted it to his feed. We were fast friends, two geeks waiting for the train.

And this morning, I ran into him again.
I was already in a great mood — the Knight escorted me to the Metra on the Shining…#81 Bus. Poor Camry. But it was delightful having company.
Oh, and? If you’re a Chicagoan, find me in the free paper today. They picked up one of my comments from Accidentally Sexy, Ana Fernatt’s new blog and printed it. Fame!
(And thanks to Mark for helping me debork that link.)


When I got on the train, Byron and two other men with similarly varied lacks of vision were having trouble finding empty seats, so they ended up at the very front of the car where I was sitting. I invited him to sit next to me, and we chatted until my stop came up.
He’s pretty great. And I’m sure he’ll love that I’m writing all this about him on my blog, by the way. Hey, everyone, go stalk him!
He just started a new job with an organization called Horizons for the Blind, which, among other things, helps the blind by converting paper bills into Braille. He has a real passion for all things audio and does his own podcasts.
He was endlessly curious about me — allow me to oblige you, friend — and so eager to get to know someone new. We talked about Starbucks and sight and city snobbery and podcasts and writing and blogs, blogs, blogs. Really, a delightful morning.

That being said, despite the delight, I’ll be working overtime to get more done on the NaNo on my lunch break and this evening.
I’m shakin’ my fist.
Luckily, there’s a three-hour “write-in” near my apartment that starts just after I get home. At…
What could be better, really?



2 Responses to “NaNoWriMo: the end of Day 3. (And a new friend.)”

  1. Mr. Apron Says:

    Ah, nothing like a new friend to make your day.Except, of course, an old one.

  2. Aurore Labenheim Says:

    Damn….see, that's one of the reasons why I miss commute. Walking the same 6 blocks back and forth every day is not exactly the best way to meet people…or to do anything for that matter.Bummer.But not really, right?

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