Thank you?

I wrote a lot this week.
Twenty-six pages, in fact — I’m giving a huge presentation next week, which is little more than an opportunity to brag and show off to the Powers That Be. Add to that another 600 words for my editor’s letter. But all that writing was for, you know. My day job.

Still, I check my stats. Obsessively. Even when I haven’t written anything for a week. And it would seem that people still come here. Even when they haven’t seen a link on my Twitter or Facebook. Thank you for your…dedication. I think.
Or thank you, Google users of the world. (India. Australia. Equatorial Guinea. Where are you, Antarctica?) You find my site, day after day, because I decided to use a movie quote as the subject of a post last year. Best non-decision I ever made.
Or thank you, stat counter, for your generous exaggerations.
Either way. Thanks for keeping me going.

It’s March, finally. February was miserable. Cold, stressful, exhausting.
But now? The snow is melting. The sun’s been out for two days straight; Chicago barely knows what to do with itself.
I started running (“running”) again.
I feel myself waking up.

Change is coming, and I don’t just mean the seasons.



6 Responses to “Thank you?”

  1. Mr. Apron Says:

    We're not going anywhere, PW.Hey– just realized– your initials are the initials of my elementary school.Um…. that Diet Anecdote sounded much better in my head…

  2. Megan Says:

    Hah, I have you bookmarked and click through every day along with my other sites…just have to check. 🙂

  3. Blythe Says:

    It's all about the RSS feed. Looking forward to the day when I see your writing in a bookstore 🙂

  4. Dana Says:

    I suppose I am the only one reading from Equatorial Guinea… but what can I say? I am hooked!

  5. paige worthy Says:

    Holy crap! Dana, what on earth are you doing in EG?Oh, wait. A semester in tropical ecology and conservation. Of course. Rock ON!

  6. Reverb 10: Gift. Says:

    […] sun came out that day, after what was apparently a miserable, grey month. We’d been living together for less than two weeks. I’m not sure whether I’d […]

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