Bear with me.

Nerd girl is experimenting with WordPress plugins.

At the recommendation of my Twitter friend @tamcdonald, I installed a comment system called Disqus. I’ve used it before on other people’s sites and have liked it, but if you have problems or hate it for any reason…holler at me?

In more substantial thoughts and news, I went with my two best girlfriends last night to see Eat Pray Love. Not only did I want immediately to jump into the screen and kidnap Javier Bardem for my own inappropriate exploits, but I also think there’s some writing in there for me. The feeling I had walking out of the theatre was not unlike how I felt after Julie & Julia — almost exactly a year ago.
But where Julie & Julia encouraged me to step up my game, to write more and go after what I want, Eat Pray Love struck a chord somewhere in me to slow things down.
There’s that.


One Response to “Bear with me.”

  1. wardell latham Says:

    I’ve tried Disqus before. It has some nice features and I notice a lot of blogs use it, but I eventually uninstalled it because I didn’t view it as being that advantageous over the built in commenting system.

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