the3six5: Come here! Now go there!

Well, hello, friends.
You sure have been lovely this week.

You may not know this, but I’ve really made it big. At the end of last year, I was accepted as a writer for the3six5. And I was going to try to explain it, but they do a far better job:

Every day for 365 days, a different person will write an entry about their experiences that day. The key is that each post somehow relates to what’s happening in the world that day and how it relates to them. By doing so from January 1 to December 31, we will have a snapshot of the entire year, told from the perspective of 365 individual voices.

 Volunteers from across the country picked a date of their choice.

We believe everyone has a short story to tell that will help create the experience of living through a year in across the world.

Each author will write a 365-word reflection which will be posted to “lifestreaming” site Posterous. was selected over a typical blog or website because of its simplicity and its ability to syndicate content across major social networks. (You can access this page by simply going to If all goes well, our dream would be to publish the3six5 as a book. We suppose you could call it a crowdsourced journal of the year 2011.

So… Neat, right?
All the people in the world, I’m one of 365 who get to write a post in 2011.

Then, before I even knew what was happening, February was half over and my day had arrived. Today.
So I wrote about the only things worthy of such a day: Justin Bieber and Jeppson’s Malört.

And here’s the story behind the story, a story that can’t be told in 365 words because really, there are no words: A game of Dance Dance Revolution was also involved. (But I use the passive voice because I don’t want you to know it was me playing it.)

You could go read it if you wanted.
This is the one time I will ever be okay with you navigating away from my website.
So go.
Go now.

And enjoy your Friday.


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6 Responses to “the3six5: Come here! Now go there!”

  1. Tom Rubin Says:

    That’s awesome, Paige! I read your post and I smiled 🙂

  2. Tweets that mention the3six5: Come here! Now go there! -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paige Worthy, Paige Worthy. Paige Worthy said: BLOG: the3six5: Come here! Now go there! […]

  3. Jason Says:

    I had Malort for the first time this summer. Dis. Gust. Ing. I thought it was just all the remnants of bottles the bartender had mixed into some bottle that was empty. At first, it isn’t too bad–it isn’t great by any means, but it isn’t too bad. But about 10-15 seconds after you take the shot, the nasty little aftertaste window smacks you like a bug hitting the windshield. You feel like you’ve just done a shot of vodka followed by a cap full of laundry detergent. Yum.

    But, you can wear your Malort badge in honor knowing that you had a grimace come across your face long after the short tasted your lips and it’ll make for a ridiculously bad morning the next day.

  4. Daniel_Honigman Says:

    Really enjoyed having you as a part of the3six5 in 2011. There are still plenty of spots left for 2011, and if you have friends in Chicago, tell them to check out!

  5. Gregory Smith Says:

    I love your blog

    I have read this article and enjoyed it

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