On choosing life, with kitten.

I was working on a post earlier about suicide.
People are killing themselves left and right, and it breaks my heart. And enrages me.

There’s still something there to be said, but…when I sat down to work on the post again tonight, just the thought of it depressed me.
Imagine that.

So I sat, like most nights, and ate my dinner on the sofa. With an episode of Gilmore Girls on the DVD player and my cat in my lap.

Little Emaline, you are my sanity after a crazy day. You are my warmth when I’m frozen to the bone. I had no idea how much I could love a stupid little animal, and yet here you are.

I saved your life and gave you a home, but I can’t imagine mine without you.
I am a cat lady.

A cat lady seldom posing as a writer.
I’ll come back. I promise.


8 Responses to “On choosing life, with kitten.”

  1. Holly Says:

    I remember when you used to hate animals. I’m glad you don’t now.

  2. Plackmaker Says:

    Hurry back Paige , you have left a hole in my day.
    Gilmore girls is my happy place too so we are both living in exile
    From Stars Hollow

  3. Crysta Says:

    The last few miserable evenings have been perfect kitten-couch-Gilmore Girls weather. Glad you found Emaline and gave her a good home. Cats expect so little and give so much.

  4. wardell latham Says:

    Feel the same way about my dog, hes my little buddy when he’s not getting on my nerves 🙂

  5. Mr. Apron Says:

    Oh, Paige. People do kill themselves left and right– and it is heartbreaking. It’s always good to have a little ball of fluff to snuggle when the world gets too big.

    And I’m glad Lorelai’s there for you when you need her. Tim Conway and Harvey Korman are always there for me.

  6. Storm. Katrina Storm. Says:

    I am also a Cat Lady. But I have four. So I’m bordering on Crazy Cat Lady. And not even a sometimes writer to balance out this eccentricity.

  7. Gia Ghani Says:

    I want to be a cat lady! I’m looking for a kitty to adopt. Hopefully I find the right one soon! 🙂 And I know what you mean about suicide… it hurts and it’s sad. And… I don’t know… sigh.

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