Link parade!

Oh, hello.

First of all, I…

Okay, no, wait.
FIRST of all, thank you all so much for reading my post yesterday. I’m pretty sure that besides the breastfeeding fiasco of 2010, yesterday’s post got the most hits I’ve ever had in a single day.
The comments and other feedback I got on that post really made me want to keep writing at a time I’m otherwise finding it difficult even to get out of bed.

Second of all, I guess, I read this just now: a New York Times blog featuring a letter from a Father in Florida talking about all his regrets about having children.
I won’t read the comments because I know people will judge him. So hard.

His honesty is so heartbreaking.
I know I want to be a parent at some point. When I finished Gilmore Girls and finally stopped crying, I started watching Parenthood for my Lauren Graham fix, and it shows all the sides of parenting that Father in Florida hasn’t seen yet. (Maybe he never will.)
They say you know when you’re ready to have kids, that the idea of childbirth won’t make you break into hives and you just…know. So I guess this nagging fear that I’ll never do anything I dream of doing — like drive a semi cross-country for a year then write a book about it (the big truck stops have shower-credit vending machines, for God’s sake) — means I’m not ready yet.
Besides the fact that, you know, I can barely keep a houseplant alive and I start crying when my cat bounces off the walls. And that I haven’t had a relationship last more than two years.

That’s all. You should read that blog.

Here’s an awkward segue:
I happened to catch that blog link randomly from my Twitter. I’m so busy at work now and so caught up in my own life that the only things I do end up reading are links I click when I happen to glance at my timeline and see something underlined. Sometimes it’s a cat Tumblr. Sometimes it’s a really inappropriate video. And sometimes it’s actually not something I wanted to read at all.
What I’m saying is I know I have a lot of friends who blog. And a lot of them are coming to this site, reading the pieces I spend hours writing and maybe even leaving comments. I am essentially ignoring all their hard work — and missing out on an important part of their lives — and I hate it.

So this is a call to action (!!!) post.
I unsubscribed from all the cooking blogs I wasn’t using the recipes from (I just eat Thai takeout and pizza anyway), got rid of the gardening blogs from my past professional life (see above re: killing houseplants) and nixed the interior decorating blogs. Because despite not being ready for a child, I am nesting like you wouldn’t believe, and seeing sofas I can’t afford day after day just makes me want to do.
So I am updating my Google Reader. If you blog, please leave a link in the comments.

If you think I’m already reading your blog…chances are it’s been way too long, and I could use a reminder. I know a lot of really talented people and want to keep up.
I need coattails to ride.

Anyway, I love you all and hope you’ll help me out with some of this legwork.
And if you link here, maybe other people will see it, too?


38 Responses to “Link parade!”

  1. Livingphilanthropic Says:

  2. Holly Says:

    Link parade!!!!

  3. Lauren Kleiman Says:

    I only blog about once a month. And its usually short and sweet and filled with visuals. I’m due for another post. You can either go here: or just Google “no chip manicure removal” and apparently I am the first hit!

  4. Daniel Schell Says:

    There’s no reason you SHOULD be reading it, but you can if ya want to!

  5. Thomas Marrone Says:

    I have 3… two that I haven’t updated in literally years.

    1. I’m pretty sure you’ve read:
    2. I don’t know, but I’m proud of the work I did there:
    3. Mainly a “shit I draw” thing, but at least it’s quick viewing, and I still update it:

  6. Lauren Golanty Says:

    Well dear neighbor, mine isn’t like your blog, it’s all the consulty stuff I do for businesses, but I only write when I come up with something good. So. There’s that. Feel free or not.

  7. Nick Hawkins Says:

    Read my blog because it’s awesome.

  8. Janet Abercrombie Says:

    My friend, Steph, in Atlanta just finished writing her blog. It’s called “Project 29 to 30” and in that year, she vowed to do 365 things she’d never done before. Great read, and I would not be surprised if she continued blogging in another format.

  9. Wardell Says:

    My blog is and not updated enough to be overwhelming or troublesome 🙂 

  10. Ricky Salsberry Says:

    I’m happy to have added inappropriateness to your day. *thumbsup*

  11. meredithfb Says:

    Alrighty!  I have three good reads coming your way:

    1.) My regular blog: – I haven’t been as up to date recently because my master’s thesis is due on June 24th and that’s where I’m focusing, but after that, bam, I’m back.

    2.) My movie blog: – I review the films I see in theaters and like to think I do a pretty good job. Enjoy!

    3.) My girlfriend’s blog: – She just self-published her ridiculous memoir of the same name, and she’ll make you laugh, I guarantee it. Tell ya friends!!

    I promise all three are worth your reading time 🙂

  12. Sara Yood Says:

    I blog at  Sometimes I blog about my feelings, but mostly I blog about what I ate for lunch.  And frankly, lately, I blog about nothing because STUDYING FOR THE BAR EXAM IS A GIANT TIME-SUCK OF DISASTROUS PROPORTIONS.

  13. Amydelafuente Says:

    My blog is Each post is different: life, parenting (read it so you will be prepared for kids!) opinions, appreciations, etc.
    See you around town!

  14. Crysta Says:

    I blog at about a variety of things: old house projects, running, cooking and grad-school related stress. Plus whatever strikes my fancy. 

    I’ve always loved your blog – if we can all collectively help you blog more, we’ll all benefit. 

  15. lusciousluka Says: #smooches —@lusciousluka:twitter 

  16. Abbey Says:

    Random random random.  I’m not talented by any means so follow me just to feel superior. 😉

  17. Sarah Nicolas Says:

    🙂 I ❤ your posts here!

    I blog off and on at; mainly about writing, YA lit and random things that catch my interest.

    Also, I don't know if this is something you would be interested in, but maybe somebody else would? I'm the editor and one of eight reviewers for Sift Book Reviews, where we review self-published science-fiction and fantasy novels.

  18. Amanda Says:

    You’re welcome to read my blog and learn how NOT to be a parent whenever that day does come for you.  Haha.

    Keeping up with blogs can be exhausting.  There are SO many good ones out there and I can’t keep up for the life of me.  I try.  Yours is one I ALWAYS make time for.That said, I want you to know that I read EVERY blog post you write and often start to write a comment. However, at work our server REFUSES to let me post on your blog (though I’m able to post on almost every other one I read) and my phone won’t let me comment either.  So, anyway. I looooved your post yesterday and wrote a long comment to try my luck.  Turns out?  No.

  19. Elizabeth Mendez Says:

    Paige – what an amazing idea and thoughtful gesture on your part. Rarely do you see an act of such selflessness on someone’s blog … which we can all be better at, I’m sure. That being said, thanks for the opportunity for us all to share a bit of our writing with you and others. If I do say so, quite genius!
    While the blog is what I call ‘a journey enhanced by food, wine, travel and the intricacies of an extraordinary restaurant life’ … words also delve into the stereotypes (hated and loved) and business side of the food and wine world. And with an enthusiasm for photography, I also let the photos of food and wine many times just speak for themselves.

    Thanks Paige, you rock!

  20. Helena Butters Says:

    Hey Paige, I blog at 
    It used to be about my journey to happiness, but the rigidity of that theme was making me rather unhappy (irony!) so now it’s just about whatever I feel like writing.

  21. Laura Watkins Says:

    I wouldn’t call myself talented, but I blog at

  22. Sean Day Says:

    I have loved reading your writing ever since finding you on the 365. Your writing is honest, and that is what makes it worth coming back again and again. Particularly enjoyed the last paragraph in your previous post. 

    It is a great idea to purge the Google Reader once in a while. There are blogs in my own subscription that do not beg to be read anymore. I don’t know that mine will be a fine addition to yours, but…

    My main blog is – “Biking, running, writing, my move from Seattle to San Diego, endings & begginnings, searching for beauty, and insomnia-induced brain emptying.”

    I also have a blog specifically dealing with my journey into, through and out of divorce at More narrow subject matter, but at times better writing. 

    Thanks Paige!

  23. BW Brooks Says:

    Nowadays, I blog over at, on the topics of writing, meta-writing, computers, and cocktails.  It isn’t as much in the post-WTF style as my blog from the Before Times — maybe that’s a good thing, though?

    Definitely looking forward to checking out all the other links above / below this comment as well.

  24. Guest Says:

    My friends only journal is still @ .  I’m pretty sure that google reader can only see the public entries I post on my journal.  You are always welcome to read my entries if  you ever want to.

    I think it’s a good idea to purge stuff your not interested in reading from your list.. and keep it to things that interest you.

  25. Petedickerson Says:

    Mine isn’t a blog so much as a sequel to the 1978 cult comedy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  It is based upon what to do when you catch these unholy, ravenous fruit.   The answer is simple put them in a tomato cage.  Read the whole story at , please don’t confuse this with Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988) Killer Tomatoes strike back (1990) or everyone’s favorite Killer Tomatoes Eat France (1991).  Of course this goes back to your gardening days, so it might not be your cup of tea. 

  26. Mr. Apron Says:

    For the first time in my life, I’m late.

    I feel like a cockmonkey putting this here, because it’s only for you, and you don’t need it.

    Oh, and, yeah.  I’m having twins.

    CUE HIVES AND CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

     I hardly ever write on it, but I’m the problem with, er, I mean, the one responsible for

  28. Megan Says:

    I love Gilmore Girls (except for the last year, naturally). Mine is a travel blog but I’m not traveling much right now

  29. Heather Says:

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