Steve King is a bad, bad man.

If I must rant, my rants are usually relegated to Twitter.
Because 140 characters is generally all the rage I can muster before I start huffing and puffing and losing steam completely. And I usually end up sounding like a total idiot anyway.
But Steve King, you have inspired me to make an exception.

Don’t know who Steve King is? I wish no one did. I wish he didn’t exist.

Our target for the day.

Steve King is a Republican (big surprise) Congressman from Iowa, a 62-year-old white man (Wikipedia!) who thinks he knows what’s best for women of all ages and races. For all of civilization. This man thinks that the [commendable] Affordable Care Act’s provisions to fully cover preventive women’s health, including contraceptives and testing for cervical cancer, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, will prevent babies from being born and create a dwindling civilization.

Oh, and he doesn’t want people who aren’t sexually active or past reproductive age, or priests who are celibate to have to shoulder the financial burden of increased insurance premiums because all those floozies out there who do take advantage of those benefits can’t keep their legs closed.

How philanthropic.


I sat staring at my phone on the bus ride home. My jaw dropped when I read what he’d said in the Huffington Post — though the pitcher of sangria I’d just polished off may have had something to do with how long it hung open.

Here’s an idea, Steve-O: If you don’t want women to have to worry about birth control or diseases, maybe you could invest more in sex ed. Or fund more initiatives for childcare and programs that will keep kids out of trouble as they grow up so their moms will be able to maintain jobs that will support their families.

Or. OR. Just teach men in our society to respect women, learn that no means no, and if the answer is yes, to wrap it the hell up. Even if it doesn’t feel quite as good.

Sex is going to happen, Steve King, whether you like it or not. You can’t legislate it, though you can have fun trying.

But wait — good GOD! I see your point, sir. More babies IS THE ANSWER!

If women maintain control (or regain, depending on your perspective) over their bodies, there will be fewer people to brainwash into going overseas and killing people to protect our “freedom” or standing at the border and stopping illegal immigrants from coming into our country for a better life! Fewer babies who could be born gay and get married and — oh, wait, that might not be so bad, right? That, apparently, is a risk he’s willing to take.
Steve King believes everyone — well, white men like himself, anyway — should be able to own a gun to “protect themselves,” but that women shouldn’t be able to choose to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies.
Does. Not. Compute.

Let’s recap, Stevie:

The morning-after pill? Not the same as abortion.
Giving women access to contraceptives? Not going to destroy our civilization.

You know what it will do?
It will make our lives better. Because if more women have access to birth control, it means more of the babies who ARE born will join families that can support them financially and emotionally, and contribute to society more meaningfully. Unwanted children are a huge burden on the government and — surprise, surprise — on taxpayers. There are always trade-offs.

YOU ARE A TERRIBLE MAN. And you have three children, for God’s sake. Are any of them girls? What planet are you from? How do you not get this?!

It boggles my mind that people who think like this — there are women who are this backward, too! — are even allowed outside their homes to buy groceries, let alone elected to public office where they supposedly represent the interests of their constituents.

You, Mr. King, and people like you are the reason so many people hate this country. You and everyone like you are the reason I am so often embarrassed to be American. You and all the people who go to foreign countries and think that yelling at the server in English at an escalating volume will get your food to your table more quickly. The United States claims to be a superior culture on so many levels, and damn. It is just not true.

Yes, I just made that leap. And I’m going to stand by it.

This country is being overtaken by lunatics. And it’s all I can do to keep from going crazy myself.


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15 Responses to “Steve King is a bad, bad man.”

  1. Ricky Salsberry Says:


  2. Alexis Says:

    Steve King wants all babies to be born, but I bet Steve King does not support paying our nation’s educators (the ones who get stuck raising our children 40+ hours a week) enough to compensate for the ridiculousness created by all of parents out there who just weren’t quite ready to be parents yet (or ever).   You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Mr. King. If you want all fetuses out of the womb and walking this Earth, best put your money where your mouth is and support family & child services, education and affordable college funding.  Oh wait, you are a Republican and want to keep all of your monies to yourself… so shut up already, Kingy Wingy.

  3. Amy de la Fuente Says:

    Hittin’ the nail on the head, SISTA!! Glad you got your vent out in a great post, but sadly, he, nor others like him will change and somehow more will come along to take his place when he’s gone. I too am ashamed to be an American at times. 

  4. Brian D. Says:

    sadly, there are people, a lot of people who share his views…
    everyday i see people who take advantage of the system, its is maddening….but also everyday i see people who are helped, without a doubt…
    my opinion, if we, as a society can help ONE person, it is worth it….so, it is ALWAYS worth it…always….

  5. Helena Butters Says:


    [This country is being overtaken by lunatics. And it’s all I can do to keep from going crazy myself.]

    Seriously. It’s almost heartbreaking. I hate to think how stupid we look to the rest of the world.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Kudos and gratitudes for calling this idiot out for the fool he is…

  7. Pete D aka Tomato cage guy Says:

    I think maybe you went a little too far here Paige.  While politically we differ in many areas and although I don’t agree with the rational behind Mr. King’s belief, to say that you wished he didn’t exist.  Isn’t this a country of free speech.  Wasn’t he elected based on his views.  While I don’t really care about that (ok I care but I would say that I don’t care enough to tell you not to say you wished he didn’t exist), if he didn’t exist who would have written “the Dark Tower” series, or Tommyknockers, or It.  As a writer yourself, I would think these literary pieces alone should justify his existence.

    • paigeworthy Says:

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious, Pete. So I’ll comment on one thing: Yes, this is a country of free speech. He wishes I had no control over my body, and I wish he didn’t exist. The difference is one of us can actually do something about our wishes.

      • Pete D aka Tomato cage guy Says:

        Paige, Paige, Paige
        Have I ever told you anything serious in the 2 years I have known you?  When I initially saw what you wrote, I thought you were talking about the writer Stephen King and while most of his new stuff is crap, he older pieces (back when he was heavily in to drugs) was fantastic.  As my wife tells me all the time though, if you have to explain the joke, its not funny, so I apologize.

      • paigeworthy Says:


  8. Curvatude Says:

    Well said. Thanks for the laughter although the subject makes me ill.

  9. Wardell Says:

    Interesting I didn’t know the progression of civilization was based on the forbearance of contraceptives in the United States.  The “GOP”  rule of thumb seems to be that abortion in any case is bad, so I guess helping to avoid unplanned pregnancies to begin with is also bad, or for that matter doing anything to actually help people that doesn’t involve protecting property or financial interests.  

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Sean Day Says:

    Stephen Colbert had a good bit on this last night.

    “Americans only have children by accident. It’s clearly hard to imagine anyone having Steve King on purpose.”

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