Say something nice.

This morning, I got my first “mission” e-mail from It Starts With Us, a group I signed up with after its founder, Nate St. Pierre, spoke to a small, weepy group of us at the 20SB Summit. (If you’ve never heard of it…well, go read about it. And sign up. Five minutes a week to change someone’s life? I was on board instantly.)

The mission: Say something nice. This video was included in the message.


I’m still thinking of a way to do something more than complimenting someone’s pretty blue parasol, but I wanted to share the video.


2 Responses to “Say something nice.”

  1. Sean D. Francis Says:

    We do have to help start changing things. I know I’m very quick to point out what is wrong, but not so quick or likely to point out what is right. I’ve had the benefit of being out and about in public with you and have seen how you stop people and compliment them.  You are a wonderfully engaged person, so caring, so kind. 

    Taking the time to point out something good, to compliment, to be warm with someone is very important. We live in a critical society where everyone feels a right to spit negativity.   This should be a daily challenge for all of us… say something nice to someone else.  

  2. Helena Says:

    I loved that session at 20SB Summit – so inspiring! I rushed right off to sign up.

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