Hi. Hello.
Just thought you should know that if you’re reading this on a mobile browser or in an RSS feed, you’re missing out. A lot.
Go ahead. Click through to the full website and feast your eyes, friends.

Matt Cheuvront of Proof Branding and Life Without Pants (yes, that’s really a thing) has done an amazing thing: Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s my redesigned website.

I know. I’m excited, too.
Except that it’s prettier, not much has changed. Fewer categories — many of which still don’t have much content because I’m hoping to make myself a Fancy Editorial Calendar — and a simpler design, mostly. But above all things, I also hope it’s more clear now that I am, most decidedly, FOR HIRE. (That means you give me money and I write things in exchange for said money.)

Speaking of money? Expect a post very soon about a 200-mile charity bike ride I’m training for. (SPOILER ALERT: There’s fundraising involved.)

Really, that’s all. Oh. No it’s not.
Did you notice that today’s Google doodle is a big black square? Or find that you can’t access any of the content on Wikipedia? Or laugh particularly hard (if a bit darkly) at The Oatmeal‘s latest cartoon? If not, you live under a rock. Go educate yourself about the twin shitstorms that are SOPA and PIPA, then do something about it.

Okay. Back to the pretty. And shiny. Hooray, Matt! Go over there and give him a compliment on a job very well done.


21 Responses to “So…beautiful…”

  1. Betsy A. Decillis Says:

    This looks awesome, Paige! And it really captures you. Congrats on the re-design!!

  2. Erik Deckers Says:

    Very pretty. Nice job, Matt.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Love the new look!

  4. Matt Cheuvront Says:

    It took a lot of blood, sweat, and fonts to make this happen, but we finally got here! Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but here she is, in all her glory. Now I can not only visit often to admire your eloquent written prose, but I can stroke my ego on what an amazing job I did. Double-win! 🙂 

  5. Guest Says:

    The updates look Great! 

  6. Mark H. Anbinder Says:

    Love the new design! I’ve always read vis RSS feed, but lately only a brief preview of your posts makes it through. I’d really rather be able to read the whole post, and while I’ll sometimes bother clicking through to open a new web page and read the whole post, it’s enough of a pain that I’ll only bother if you’ve really managed to grab me in that first two and a half lines. Please consider allowing the whole post through on the RSS feed! Thanks. 🙂

  7. Lindsay Rainingbird Says:

    Looks great! 

  8. Steve Stearns Says:

    Definitely like the new look!  And yes, the Oatmeal’s latest is hysterical, and I’d post it to Facebook, but I’m not posting to facebook as my little SOPA protest thing.  Dammit!

  9. Ricky Salsberry Says:


    One little thing — i’m having trouble making out links in body copy. Maybe they get an underline or cheat the purple link color away from black. 


  10. Helena Butters Says:

    Love it!

  11. BW Brooks Says:

    Very nice!  I admit it — I’m jealous.  But jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  (Right?)

  12. Amy de la Fuente Says:

    It definitely fits the current you. I felt as if you had outgrown your old blog format. Here’s to a new year!

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