Brunch is on Premise this weekend…if you help rename Sunday Funday.

Some people go to church on Sundays.
They file into pews, thumb through their Bibles, tunelessly mumble their hymns, confess their sins, partake of the body of Christ, and drone their way sleepily through the Lord’s Prayer.
Whatever and ever, amen.
I worship at the altar of bacon and Bloody Marys. I visit a new church every Sunday. And I live by the Rule of Four: Brunch is little more than late breakfast without at least four beverages on the table, one of which must be alcoholic in nature.

Brunch is how the Day of Our Lord has, for so many of us, become even holier than before: It is Sunday Funday.

O Sunday Funday. Wherefore art thou Sunday Funday?
What’s in a name? A day of rest — full of sun and fun, food and cocktails — by any other name would be just as sweet. Actually, it would be even sweeter. Because I feel like an idiot every time I say it. (Forgive me, Croque Monsieur, for I have sinned.)

So I’ve decided we should do away with the term. Let’s rename Sunday Funday, guys.

To celebrate the christening of this born-again Sunday, Andersonville’s newest fine-dining establishment, Premise, is letting me treat one super-lucky reader and five friends to brunch this Sunday, July 1. (FREE. For the love of all that’s holy.)


Hold, please. Let’s talk about Premise for just a second.

It’s only been open a couple of months, and it’s already earned the high praise of the Chicago Reader’s Mike Sula (his review landed Chef Brian Runge’s glorious compressed-melon salad on that week’s cover).
And, okay, yes. My boyfriend is Premise’s wine director. There may be a small vested interest on my part in the success of the restaurant. (Itty.)

All that aside, if you’d just experienced Premise like I did — a five-course tasting menu with wine pairings in an also-somewhat-lamely-named private dining room known as the King’s Table with your boyfriend’s parents and six of their closest friends — you might be excited to get a table full of Premise virgins in to try it gratis, too.

(Squash blossoms. What the heck are squash blossoms, anyway? Well, when you stuff them with chorizo and fry it in the lightest, most perfect tempura batter ever, it’s two bites of heaven.)


But there are no squash blossoms at brunch. Back to brunch. For six. For YOU.

Six seats in Premise’s lovely dining room overlooking Clark Street — or maybe even the shaded back patio, if you ask nicely — with six very fancy entrees, six handmade scones with honeycomb and crème fraiche, plus juice and coffee (Intelligentsia, thank you very much).

Cocktails aren’t included, but the bespectacled, suspendered Luke LeFiles would cry into his Fernet-Branca if you passed up his Bloody Mary with housemade mix or Corpse Reviver with Death’s Door gin, Lillet Blanc, fresh lemon, orange liqueur and Herbsaint. (And you’d be breaking the Rule of Four if you skimped on the booze. And then it wouldn’t be brunch.)

All you have to do to get in on this is help me come up with a new name for Sunday Funday — by 10 a.m. Central time Friday morning, June 29.

As with my Nellcote giveaway back in February, there are but three eligibility requirements:

  1. Be free this coming Sunday, July 1. Have five friends who are free on Sunday. (Or make five new ones.) If you’re not free, skip straight to step three. Rinse and repeat.
  2. Leave a comment here with your new name for “Sunday Funday.” Because “Sunday Funday” is stupid.
  3. Tweet this to everyone you know (or post it on Facebook by liking and tagging my Page): “Sunday Funday needs a new name…and I need free brunch at @PremiseChicago! Want in? Enter here:”


So anyway, do it. The power of brunch compels you.


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49 Responses to “Brunch is on Premise this weekend…if you help rename Sunday Funday.”

  1. Jenni Spin Says:


  2. Jenni Spin Says:


  3. Jenni Spin Says:

    Bloody Sunday?

  4. tek1231 Says:

    Thirstay First Day!

  5. Vernon Jenkins Says:

    BrunchDay MunchDay?

  6. Vernon Jenkins Says:

    Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday?

  7. tek1231 Says:

    Hangover Layover Day.

  8. Brian Says:

    Sunday NOMday

  9. Brian Says:

    Sunday Yumday

  10. Bobbi B. Says:


  11. dupreeblue Says:


  12. MaryMary Says:

    SABBATH SHENANIGANS.  or just Brunchday. or Brunch-a-roo Electric Boogaloo. Or instead of “breaking fast” with food, we could be breaking fast with drink. So that would be like drowning fast. Drownfast. Ugh. Is this how people make up words? Goobs.

  13. ketnash Says:

    Sunday Guess-my-diet’s-done-day

  14. Amy de la Fuente Says:

    Sunday I’m Skipping my Run Day, but that was too easy with the rhyming. Plus it reminds me of that Bangles song, plus I wish I ran more regularly, which means it is a lie for me and not universally applicable. So let’s try this instead:  Gozo (Spanish – first person singular present 
     “I enjoy”  of the verb gozar, which means to enjoy). Isn’t that what it is all about? Not feeling obligated to go someplace and follow the motions just because you were taught or you feel it is the right thing to do, or everyone else is doing it. Gozo is more personal, it can vary per Sunday because as much as I love being out in the nice weather, Chicago is not that kind of town year round and what I enjoy can change from time to time.

  15. Brian Morrissey Says:

    “Sunday Benedict-ion”!

  16. Daniel S. Meza Says:

    Midday Munch


    Dia munch which is kind of a play of words on the french “dimanche” which is Sunday, but with a lil spanish and english dia = day and munch.


    RWR = Roundtable of Weekend Recovery


    Brunch of friends = to BRing a Bunch of Friends together for BRunch. 
    Used in a sentence:  What are you doing tomorrow?
    “a brunch of friends and I are going to Premise.”

  17. jeremyjcampbell Says:

    Social Sunday – run social networking promotions/contests/events to spread the word about Premise. Love the description of Luke!

  18. Bryce Gangel Says:

    A Celebrunch-tion of Gluttony…

  19. meghan gebhardt Says:


    As in “I was so Brunchdrunk last weekend, I left my sunglasses at the restaurant.”

    Also see: Brunchdrunk Love

    “I have serious Brunchdrunk Love for my regular brunch crew.”

  20. meghan gebhardt Says:

    oooh also- “Day of Best”

  21. Paul Says:

    Paige Worthy LLC Appreciation Day

  22. Ericka Americka Says:

    Brunch Bacchanalia. If you want to keep Sunday then you could just tag it onto the front, but I don’t think it’s needed since Brunch is typically observed (yes, I said observed because it IS a holiday – a glorious, weekly holy-day) on Sundays. Also, Bacchanalia gives a head-nod  to Bacchus, the god of wine and boozy goodness.

  23. Laura Sloman Says:

    To me, Sunday is typically Oh Shit! Day. As in “Oh shit, my head hurts,” or “Oh shit, where’s my phone?” But I’ll try to think of something a bit more PC.

  24. ItsToni Says:

    “It’s-our-anniversary-and-we’ll-already-be-downtown-anyway” – day. 😀 

  25. Bleu Caldwell Says:

    Tiffin Time!

  26. Laura Sloman Says:

    OK, my official entries:

    Case of the Brunchies

    Brunch or Bust

    The Gospel of Bloody Mary

  27. Melissa Smyth Says:


    aka/or A Day to Savor the End of My Early 20’s.

  28. Eric Z. Says:

    Sunchday Brunchday.

  29. Eric Z. Says:

    Gold Medal Brunch (also to be known as #GoldMedalBrunch).

  30. Danica Guidi Says:

    Booze & Brunch


    Back on the wagon brunch / Back at it brunch

  31. Kim Z Dale Says:

    First Day Feast.

  32. Kim Z Dale Says:

    Or (for parallelism) First Day, Feast Day

  33. Bleu Caldwell Says:


  34. Kim Z Dale Says:

    Succulent Services

  35. Kim Z Dale Says:

    Venerable Victuals (Perhaps that one’s too erudite, but hey, Premise is a classy place!)

  36. Coachalpo Says:

    Red, red herring

    Stay close to me

    Don’t let me see

    What I’m really promoting.

    Red, red herring you make me feel so fine

    A coffee, a crumpet, it don’t [sic] cost a dime.

    Red, red herring they love you right from the start

    Right from the start, with all their PR.


    • paigeworthy Says:

      Oh, go away. You’re such a pest.

    • premiseSUCK Says:

       Ha ha!  I wonder how many poor souls fell for the bait and went to this awful place after she spammed the daylights out of it on social media?
      Man.  There are so many good restaurants out there too… such a shame she met a guy who works for this crud bucket of a place.  Maybe he’ll switch to a better place soon.

  37. Daniel S. Meza Says:

    So.. who won? 

  38. Sarbinson Says:

    Sounds like this guy got tons ‘o’ bucks.  SOAK HIM DRY.

  39. meghan gebhardt Says:

    so, uh… who won?

  40. premiseSUCK Says:

    Ye gods, this Premise place is horrific!  Muy pretentious!  Muy overpriced, hey.  Good LORD.  Get the old man off that sinking ship if possible, plenty of other restaurants in the city.  

    • paigeworthy Says:

      Oh my, please. It’s fine dining. If it’s seems a bit pretentious, that probably just means you aren’t fit for fine dining. Because to me it’s VERY friendly and approachable. There are certainly other restaurants in the city — to work AND dine in — but Premise is a wonderful choice and a great spot to try.
      Move along.

      • premiseSUCK Says:

         I like that you disclosed your boyfriend works there- but you should also have disclosed that this place sucks.
        Hilarious comment about not “being fit for fine dining.”  Snooty much?  This place is not “fine dining” for one simple reason- the food sucks.  I can ignore the pretentious vibe and the poor value, but the food is simply atrocious.  Even yelp has this sinkhole at 3 stars which means it’s really bad since a bunch of 5 star reviews appear to have been written by puffers (is this part of your gig?). 

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