Thankful: Friday stream.

Those five minutes of my Friday, walking home from my friend Melissa’s house after going weeks without seeing her, stuffed full of takeout pizza and underbaked chocolate-chip cookie, just tipsy enough on cheap Pinot Noir to notice…the sharp diagonal of Lincoln Avenue stretching ahead of me, bathed in orange fluorescent light, the restaurants beginning to empty as the bars start to fill up, like the two sides of an hourglass…lightly bundled in a scarf and puffer vest, knowing it’ll be warm enough tomorrow to go without for probably the last time in months, hands shoved in my pockets, fighting for fleece-lined real estate with my iPhone and jangling keychain…humming along with Blossom Dearie as she waxes sweetly melancholic about the isle of Manhattan — which left behind, almost without looking back, five years ago — marveling at the fact that I can fall even more in love every day with this city, this man, this life and a future I can’t even comprehend…

I’m thankful for that.



One Response to “Thankful: Friday stream.”

  1. Gawjus George Says:

    I’m thankful you finally found a period after that bit of the usual self-cheerleading.

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