RVSX rolls on.

IMG_3768The last licks of sunlight are lapping at the horizon as we make our way west on Highway 40 in Oklahoma.

Today, the RVSX crew spent the day in Arkansas: We toured the Wal-Mart Corporation Headquarters, filmed a short movie at Collective Bias’ office in downtown Bentonville, visited a coworking space called the Iceberg in Fayetteville and shot footage of a Rube Goldberg that knocked over a series of books and ended by flipping on a reading lamp over an open book.

Our stop tonight is at the Choctaw Casino Resort. I don’t know why. But I’m guessing this may at least mean a shower on this leg of the trip, so I’ll throw a few quarters at a slot machine and play along.


Hell is actually cold and loud

Last night will live on in my memory as the night I found my personal hell.

The bathrooms at the Hide-A-Way Campground were locked, and the boys were drinking just about the last remaining wine we’d secured from our only booze sponsor. I was grouchy and had made myself sick on s’mores and Birthday Cake Oreos, then I retreated, stomach churning and altogether pouty, to the lean-to masquerading as a “cottage” that we’d arranged to sleep in for the night.

No thanks to a tiny space heater with nondescript buttons and nondirectional knobs, it was roughly 24° F in the Sleep Shed. After trying for 15 minutes to fall asleep on a still-folded futon draped with my flat sheet and doubled-up blanket, I was so cold I couldn’t breathe.

The RV was parked, plugged in and heated about 50 yards away, so I dug out a spot to sleep and passed out until the boys returned, literally falling-down drunk — one has the scrapes to prove it — to pass out.

I didn’t know who was sleeping next to me until about 10 minutes after I woke up this morning. But I know I will never again chastise Mark for a little heavy breathing next to me in bed. Because I have never known such snoring.

This morning, I was still wearing my make-up, clothes and jewelry, and had a crick in my neck the size of [something very large] from cocooning myself in my corner of the bed, as far away as possible from the snoring beast beside me.

What I was expecting from this trip, I’m not sure, but I’ve certainly cemented my role as the high-maintenance Miss Priss in residence. Which I need to be okay with, because that’s my life — really, it’s who I am. There are all kinds of jokes to be made about what “roughing it” means to me, but suffice it to say I’m terrible at it.


803327_10151560496654612_1344157086_nThe silver linings atlas

But Rob has a rubber horse head that he wears at the most inappropriate times. We’ve discovered our shared love of YouTube clips of goats yelling like humans — to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”
There are bags full of homemade cookies on the table from the barbecue restaurant where we gorged ourselves earlier today.
We picked up our ninth crew member, Jeannette, in Fayetteville. We’re finally beginning to even out our X-chromosome count.
And before we left the Cherokee Travel Plaza in Roland, I bought a pair of sunglasses with a mustache attached by two tiny chains.
Things are looking up.

The best part: We’ll be in Austin tomorrow night, and that’s really all that matters.

If you’re interested in following along with the RVSX journey, you’ll find us…



One Response to “RVSX rolls on.”

  1. Cindy Worthy Says:

    You are my favorite princess. Embrace it!! I love you.

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