Yes, Paige Worthy is my real name.

And yes, I’m a writer. Kind of perfect, right?

Paige WorthyBut my parents didn’t give me this name knowing I’d become who I am today. I considered just about every other profession before I got here.

Since I graduated with my journalism degree in 2005, I’ve worked full time in newspaper editing, magazine writing and editing, and all kinds of marketing — but I’ve been living this flashy, high-roller freelancer lifestyle since 2011. So I’m currently seeking contract work and a sugar daddy. 
Serious about the first part. Kidding about the second, unless…do you know someone?

Here for the blog?

Enjoy that infuriating blend of East Coast snark and Midwest sugar. I started doing this back in 2001 (holler, LiveJournal!) but have been writing since I could hold a pen. Paige Worthy: Overanalyzing life and love way before Carrie Bradshaw made it sexy. (Oh, and it’s not sexy when I do it.)

More about me!

Paige Worthy's catWhat else, what else…

  • I can see the Brown Line from my apartment in Lincoln Square, on Chicago’s north side.
  • I haven’t owned a car since 2006.
  • I recently discovered the joy of Bears football.
  • I have two cats, and they are better than yours.
  • Some friends and I came up with #CAPSLOCKTHURS, where we tweet in all caps on Thursdays. (Obviously.)
  • I have a penchant for soy chai lattes from Starbucks.
  • I own too many scarves to fit in my coat closet.
  • I would eat Thai takeout for every meal if that weren’t…completely disgusting.

Think I’m awesome? Want to hire me?

Stalk me a little, and let’s talk.

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You can also send me a good, ol’-fashioned e-mail at paige@paigeworthy.com.


Don’t have writing work for me right now? Well, if all else fails, leave really nice comments on my blog, and we’ll be friends.



If you want.

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